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Enhance Your Executive Presence

by Satish Shenoy

Satish Shenoy

Immersive, Interactive Training and Tools to boost your executive presence
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Workshop Details

Date: 21st October, 2023

Time: 10 AM – 12 PM

Location: Parkside at Mayfield Ranch, Purtis Creek Lane, Georgetown, TX 78628.

Workshop Overview

Learn the techniques to enhance your executive presence in this 2-hour fun, interactive workshop.


Discover the essence of leadership in an inspiring keynote, and a fun, interactive workshop, empowering business leaders with the insights and tools to nurture and sustain their executive presence.


Executive presence is the art of navigating challenges, thinking swiftly, listening intently, posing impactful questions, and forging connections to inspire action and influence teams.


This workshop targets current and aspiring leaders, managers, and professionals seeking to enhance their influence and leadership impact.


Delve into the core elements of executive presence — thinking on your feet, active listening, creating connection and elevating your influence — in an engaging, interactive way that promises insightful learning and fun.

What People Say About
Satish Shenoy

As a keynote speaker, Satish’s storytelling abilities were exceptional, and his message was truly insightful and inspirational.

Jose L

President, Startup Speakers,
Plug n Play Tech

Like an exceptional tour guide, Satish masterfully guides his audience through concepts with unflagging energy and a contagious smile, captivating you every step of the way.

Carlo M

Business Executive, Coach & Author

Satish’s expertise as a speaker and workshop facilitator truly shines through in his engaging and informative sessions. His ability to captivate the audience and deliver valuable insights is commendable.

Ram S


Enhance Your Executive Presence!

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Workshop Leader

Satish Shenoy

Author | Speaker
Business Executive | Marathoner

Executive Presence Workshop

Drawing from the journey of marathons across all 7 continents, this inspiring talk is about being open to challenges, dealing with adversity, adapting to change and finishing strong with unwavering resolve.

Think On Your Feet

Leverage IMPROV frameworks like Situation Task Action Result (STAR), Problem Solution Benefit (PSB) and the "What-So What-Now What" to boost credibility, authority, and presence.

Listen Actively

Leverage the RASA technique to foster trust, build stronger relationships, resolve conflicts and become an effective communicator.

Create Connection

Master the art of asking the right questions and crafting impactful responses to create meaningful connections.

Elevate Your Influence

Elevate influence by cultivating trust, mobilizing your teams effectively and drive impactful actions to transform your business.

About The Facilitator

Satish Shenoy

Best Selling Author | Runner | Speaker | Advisor | Executive

Having lived in 4 countries and traveled to over 40+ countries across all 7 continents, Satish has always embraced a sense of adventure. He was introduced to running in 2012 and his aspirations soon soared to running a marathon. And soon, he set his sights on the “7 Continents Club” – an exclusive group of runners who have run full marathons across all 7 continents. He achieved this distinction in 2019 after he successfully finished his journey with the Antarctica Marathon®. Satish believes that this unlikely success story is worth telling to inspire others to set and achieve extraordinary goals.

Satish is a Distinguished Toastmaster and award-winning public speaker and he enjoys “sharing and caring” to bring out the best in others through workshops on topics as varied as the magic of mindset, storytelling, impromptu speaking, and more.

As a senior business executive in his day job, he has leveraged his global experiences to advise and lead businesses spanning seed-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Satish believes in the power of teams and in the mantra that by putting people first, the results will follow, which has led to his continued career success.

“After running nearly 8000 miles over 8 years, it is clear to me that the battle to the finish is not won or lost with your legs, but is won or lost between your ears”

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Satish in Action

Satish Running Marathons on all 7 Continents!

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50+ Reviews

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Runaway Growth

Runaway Growth is a simple yet powerful playbook to achieve your wildest dreams.

Dan Waldschmidt

Ultra-runner, Tech Nerd, 10th person on the planet to complete the 'Run Everest' challenge

Dream big in business, life, and love! Learn from stories of challenge, endurance, and commitment in Runaway Growth to build your own future successes. Wow!

Dr. Robert Adams

MD., Army combat physician, Navy SEAL, and author,

Satish is a fearless explorer, an amazing connector and a great communicator. He is as much of an incredible source of inspiration in Runaway Growth as he is in person.

Rajesh Bharatiya

Entrepreneur and fellow marathoner on Satish’s Antarctica voyage

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