Runaway Growth
by Satish Shenoy

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50+ Reviews

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What Our Readers Are Saying

Key Industry Influencers Have to Say This About Runaway Growth

“Satish brings a combination of discipline, thoughtfulness, commitment and caring into any project he touches, even a hobby project. He has brought that “Satish special” cocktail to the “Runaway Growth” book. I can guarantee that you will run away with a ton of value from this book. And, if you apply a part of what he teaches here, you will create pure magic in your work and in your life.”

Rajesh Shetty

Co-founder of, Author of 18 books,

“As a notoriously unathletic couch potato, I initially wondered if I would be able to relate to this story of a global business leader who has run marathons across all seven continents. But right from the introduction, Satish drew me in as he narrated his journey with humble sincerity and light-heartedness. Satish is a brilliant writer who infuses all the right amounts of wit, humor, and inspiration into his debut book, Runaway Growth.”

Snigdha Nandipati

Patient Advocate and Author of "A Case of Culture

“Its not often that you come across a piece of writing that is gripping and inspiring at the same time. Runaway Growth is filled with educational, enthralling and practical insights in a leadership and business context in a conversational tone enhanced by visual illustrations. The rigor and and indefatigable spirit that Satish brought to running has now been extended to his writing. I hope this book resonates with you as much as it did with me“

Sunil Robert Vuppala

Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker, Marathoner, Author

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